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We are looking for friendly small business owners to help us improve our latest Android version.

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The beta version is commission free, and all of your budgets are spent on Facebook ads, we get paid with your help to make the app better :-)

Proud member of the Facebook Start accelerator program.

what is Take an ad

A mobile app for creating
beautiful Facebook ads

take an adfor SME's

Easy as one, two, three

With , you don't need to be an expert. You'll agree that knowing all features and options available in the Facebook ads platform is a full-time job. Take an ad provides the knowledge and experience that is required for delivering great Facebook campaigns.

take an adfor SME's

Perfect for small business

If you are a boutique owner, coffee shop manager or a bar manager, with Take an ad you will be able to take a photo of the morning coffee, daily menu or the current atmosphere and attract foot traffic to your physical location.

take an adfor SME's

Manage ads on the go

We will notify you once your ad is approved. In the simple layout of your ads, you can view analytics you can understand, quickly check their success with a simple performance indicator and act to pause or create a new ad. All this on the go!

Familiar camera layout for taking photos or video

Cool tools to make your ads beautiful.

Take an ad has a custom camera that optimizes your images to be perfect for a Facebook ad. You can use options such as flash or selfie camera. You can also capture a video and use it as a Facebook ad.

  • Tap the T icon and add text overlay;
  • It will automatically comply with the Facebook's 20% text rule;
  • Crop your photo if you do not want some parts to show in the ad;
  • Choose some cool filters to make your ad more beautiful.
take an ad camera screen
1  goTargeting “reach Facebook audiance!”
3  {
4    "First Taget": {
5      "Age": "18-34",
6      "Gender": "female",
7    }
8    "Second target": {
9      "Country": "United States",
10      "City": "San Francisco",
11    }
12    "Third target": {
13      "secret sauce": "secret sauce",
15    }
16  }
the magic of the app

Custom Ads Algorithm

We take care of the targeting and use custom optimization algorithm that is specific to your account. This means that we will do all the heavy lifting for you. Our system will do all the magic and deliver your ad to the right people in the right moment, in order to return the best results.

perfect for small businesses

One of a kind Facebook local awareness ads.

Just point a location on the map so we can know which users in your area to target. This means that you can specify to target people that are located in 1,2,3 miles from your location. The idea is to engage them proactively via an ad and drive foot traffic to your location .

Want to know why the local awareness ads are perfect for SMEs?

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under the hood

Create and manage Facebook
ads as easy as possible

Full Featured Camera

Options to capture photo and video or upload from your mobile phone.

Automatic targeting

Our backend wizard will automatically target the most relevant audience for your ads.

Simple performance indicator

CTR, CPC, CPM = WTF?! Don't worry, you are not required to have any analytics knowledge.

Pay as you go

No subscriptions. You pay for each ad you post with a small commission for using our service.(Beta testers do not pay commission.)

Getting smarter

With every created ad, our system is learning more and it's becoming smarter and smarter. We analyze the data from the performance of each ad, learn and improve our optimization algorithm.

Human touch

All the ads you create are reviewed by an experienced professional, to add that little icing on the cake, and make sure our system is doing a great job with the optimization.

" As a small business owner, you need to be focused on what you do best. That is why we've created Take an ad, to help you create great ads in less than 30 seconds and reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. "

Nikola Bojkov, Project Manager for Take an ad.

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