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For restaurant managers: 3 steps to take the perfect photo for Facebook ad

Food sells! There is nothing more powerful in Facebook advertising than creating an emotion and a physical manifestation of attraction in the moment when we look at a beautiful food photo or #foodporn πŸ™‚

You as a manager of a restaurant know this and you know that with a perfect photo of a truly amazing dish, you are able to capture and attract a loyal customer base.

Thank god the technology allows everyone of us to practice a professional photo shoot and capture beautiful photos only by pressing a button on our smartphones.

So let’s capture that #foodporn photo. Below are simple 3 steps that every restaurant manager can do in order to capture and create a beautiful Facebook Ad photo:

1. What is the subject of your photo?

The most important element of the delicious photo equation is what your audience will like to eat or is attracted to and at what time during the day. If you want to promote the latest food dish invented by your restaurant, make sure it looks and feels like a dish that your target will like to eat immediately.


2. How to prepare for the best photo of your dish?

Plate: Clean without any additional texture or design. A pure white plate will do the job. Additionally, as you master your photo-shouting skills you can experiment with plates that can tone in with the color of the food served.

Light: If you do not have any lighting equipment, sit on a table next to the window that has the perfect daylight. Remember: No flash, just pure natural lighting.

Stand above the plate: Point your phone camera above the plate and make sure you can see the frame of the whole dish.

Focus: Do not zoom, just point lower to part of the dish that you think highlights its best qualities or keep the frame that you have focused on. Make sure that the light comes from your left side. The importance of this step best result is to make sure you stand still so you avoid taking blur photos. Take a deep breath and shoot!


3. How to perfect your photo with additional context?

Add context: After you have mastered the focus of particular parts of your dish or the frame of the whole dish, you may want to put your frame in a context. The context can mean that the frame of your photo expands on the table, in the restaurant or outside the restaurant.


Add depth: One way to expand the context is to create depth of the context by adding napkins bellow the plate or just holding the plate up in the air. By doing this you will achieve a blur effect of the background, and full focus of the dish, that will highly emphasise its deliciousness πŸ™‚

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If you have other ideas, feel free to share your thoughts.

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