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Are you fed up with the disapproval of your Facebook Ads due to not complying with the 20% rules? Or just because every time you need to comply with this rule you have to use a grid checker or Photoshop in order to make sure your ad will be safely published by the Facebook review gate?

No worries! The past few months speculations regarding this 20% text overlay rule are finally resulting in real actions.

New changes are announced and starting on 8th June 2016, this annoying 20% rule will be altered and adjusted to the advertisers needs.

But wait! This does not mean that you can freely place a text overlay all over your ad image and receive the same results as the images without text. The Facebook advertising team is still firmly convinced that the ad images need to be text free or have minimal text overlay in order to appeal to their audiences more natively.

So the new rule is kind of a combination of the both:

  • the need of the advertisers not to bother to check the text overlay every time they post an ad and
  • the protection of the platform in terms of displaying ads that people will want to see and engage with.

A Facebook spokesperson was nice enough to provide us with the following information about the new changes:

The new rule: Shifting the text policy to delivery-based solution

The acceptable amount of text in ads on Facebook will remain largely similar to today, with the preference toward minimal text (around today’s’ guidelines) in ad images. Ads with higher amounts of text will get less or no delivery at all.

or in simpler terms:

Facebook will roll out a new solution that will allow ads that were previously disapproved due to the text policy to run, but with less or no delivery.


Facebook Ad creative best practices:

Looks like that the old habits of acceptable ad image are remaining the same. Just as a reminder of the rules:

  • The ad images need to show the full product and not just zoomed part of the product name or logo
  • Logo, watermark or numbers are considered as text and Facebook will continue to calculate their size as a text overlay.

If you are wondering how you can continue placing short text overlay and still occupy only 20% of the ad image area, then I suggest you to try using the Facebook text overlay grid tool or use our Facebook ads app – Take An Ad.


Our Take An Ad mobile app for creating and posting ads only with your mobile phone has a unique feature that will allow you to place a text overlay on your ad photos but will automatically detect if the ad text overlay is more than 20%.

What do you think about these changes? Is this something you will easily implement in your everyday Facebook advertising activity?

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