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With the decline of organic reach, most of the SMEs use the option Boost post as the easiest solution to increase reach for their Facebook page posts. But, if you’ve already dedicated some monthly budget for Facebook advertising and you want to make sure that with this budget more people can see your ads on Facebook, you will have to know the existence and the opportunities provided by the Facebook local awareness ads.

As a starter, you might ask …

What are Facebook local awareness ads?

This Facebook ad format was released in October 2014 but was not available to most of the users, and therefore, it is still not that familiar for many of the non-fanatic Facebook marketers. In simple terms,

Facebook local awareness ads are Facebook ads that reach people near your business. These ads will help you to promote your business to people who are nearby.

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The structure of a Facebook local awareness ad

Think of this type of ad as a new objective introduced by Facebook in order to help brick and mortar businesses to literally increase awareness of their Facebook ads targeted to a local audience. In more details, to understand why this ad format is perfect for SMEs you will need to get to know their structure:


As you’ve probably noted, with the local awareness ads, you will be able to target users based on their location. Please note that this targeting is not the same as targeting people by city or zip code. If you target by zip code or city, you will reach people that live in that area (based on their location submitted in their Facebook profile) and will not have the opportunity to reach tourists for example. Furthermore, the zip code targeting is not suitable for small businesses located in larger areas or cities.

So to make it clear, the difference is that with local awareness ads you may target Facebook users based on the location where they are physically present.

Call to action

With the local awareness ad, you have the option to choose a call-to-action button “Get Directions”. When clicked will open a link to a map with directions for the user to get to your location. Very cool, a?! 🙂


The minimum radius that you can choose is 1 mile, the maximum is 50-miles. But, depending on your location and how many Facebook users are nearby you will receive a suggested radius that might be higher than 1 mile. This suggested radius makes sure you have a minimum reach so your ad will prove with good results. This is a case when the location of the business is in an area with the smaller foot traffic of Facebook users.

Ad creative

It is interesting opportunity for your business to create ads that will stand out from other ads in the users’ Newsfeeds. Why? Mainly because they are not used to see personalized ads based on their location, and you can play with creatives of the food in your restaurant or make live video or photo of the atmosphere that surely increases user engagement.

Display format

Currently, the Facebook API supports two different types of Facebook local awareness ads, which means that there are two types of displays that comply with the local awareness objective.

  • Video ad with objective local awareness ad;
  • sample-takeanad-facebook-ad-video

  • Photo ad (1:1.9 ratio) with objective local awareness ad , displayed similar with a link ad format;
  • sample-takeanad-facebook-ad-photo-default

  • Photo ad (1:1 ratio) which will help you grab users attention with a lager image optimized for greater reach.
  • sample-takeanad-facebook-ad-photo

Can you spot the difference in the formats? Which one you think performs the best?

The 1:1 ratio photo ad is a unique ad format created with the Take an ad – mobile app for Facebook ads. And yes, with Take an ad you can ad text overlays that comply with the Facebook’s 20% rule, which means that the text overlay must occupy only 20% from the overall size of the photo. We’ve built this ad format mostly because the businesses want to display a larger photo of their products (in this case hot pizza) and make sure still have the direction link to their location.

So, if you want a tool that is built solely for you and your daily needs as a small business owner, optimized for local awareness ads – we invite you to become our beta tester and help us improve Take an ad – a new mobile app for creating beautiful Facebook ads. Click below to download:

Download beta here

If you have other ideas, feel free to share your thoughts.

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